Your benefits

Armacell is the first manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to carry out a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) and on this basis publish environmental product declarations certified by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU). With this ‘sustainability passport’ for construction products Armacell supports the trend towards green building and commits itself to a level of product transparency which is currently unique in the industry.

The ArmaFlex environmental product declarations have a binding, universally valid basis, were drawn up by experts in cooperation with Armacell and have been independently verified. 

In this way the company provides architects, specifiers and those inviting tenders with reliable information for planning sustainable building projects. The benefits of EPDs for all those involved in the construction process are obvious:


ARCHITECTS, SPECIFIERS AND THOSE INVITING TENDERS use EPDs as the basis for calculating the ecobalance, which is a prerequisite for green certification for buildings. Alongside the technical performance, costs, acceptance and aesthetics, environmental aspects are key criteria when selecting construction products. Ultimately EPDs are part of invitations to tender and the method by which environment-related requirements for planning the building are managed.


REAL-ESTATE COMPANIES AND BUILDER-­OWNERS evaluate their investments and property higher when EPDs and green certification are presented. It is now becoming easier to market property which is designed and certified as sustainable.


WHOLESALERS, RETAILERS AND USERS find verified environment-relevant product information in EPDs. They benefit from the added value resulting from sustainability in the building sector.

All parties involved in the construction process benefit equally.