// Technical Support

Our job does not end with the manufacturing and supply of the right products. We are there throughout the project execution, to ensure contractors receive the right training, follow best practice and to help with any unexpected design or application challenges that may emerge.

That’s why we continuously work in partnership with operators, EPC’s and insulation contractors around the world on developing complete solutions, offering value added services to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, in order to ensure successful project delivery.

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// Acoustic services

We make recommendations, perform onsite audit assessments and provide practical solutions for your acoustic problems, from design through to operational stages of a project. Interested? Contact us for more information.

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// Specification support

We offer complete technical service during the project specification process, ensuring all product parameters and referenced standards are correct and up-to-date.

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// System optimisation

Our team of technical experts calculate  thermal and acoustic insulation thicknesses based on client specifications and requirements. Need our help? Get in touch.

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// Tip-Check energy audit

We offer a professional, unbiased review of energy losses of existing insulation systems and advice for rectification to achieve targeted energy savings and return on investment.  Need an EiiF certified Tip-Check assessment?

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// Bespoke proof-point testing

Your proactive partner in the industry with real life simulation (mock-up test) to demonstrate capabilities of our insulation systems, designing and delivering a solution fit for your specific needs.  Need our help?

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// MTO - material take off calculation

We can offer a detailed calculation of material and accessories as per project design, giving you an expert opinion on efficient material usage (eg. waste reduction). Get in touch today.

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// Technical training

Did you know we have a global technical team to assist with technical knowledge related to specification and application of our insulation systems, providing you with detailed understanding of available solutions. Need our help?

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// Installation instructions

You can access detailed, straight forward instructions of installation principles via manuals, videos and much more. Available online 24/7.

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// Mock up and trial installation

Demonstrates the constructability of an insulation system and components, allowing the operator, EPC’s and insulation contractors to be aligned on installation methods. 

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// Inspection and site support

Our team of technical and application experts provide on-site presence, advisory support, oversight, inspection, development of ITP’s (Inspection and Test Plan) and consultancy. Get it right the first time.

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// Application training

For installers and inspectors to improve site productivity and installed quality, reducing wastage and re-work. Successfully trained candidates receive certified accreditation.

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