Performance Advantage


Armacell Energy innovate in new technologies and focus on systems that deliver superior technical performance:

// Designed to deliver We have developed a dedicated range of industrial materials meeting the demanding technical performance requirements of the oil and gas sector.

// Lifetime performance Resistance to water and water vapour ingress, plus optimal system design
delivers long-term predictable thermal and acoustic stability and enhanced process performance.

// Two in one Our insulation materials can combine thermal and acoustic performance and can also be engineered with traditional insulation materials for specific demands.

// Optimal thermal performance Fewer joints and seams and closer fitting to complex parts and
protrusions than rigid materials making the actual heat loss/gain of ArmaFlex/ArmaGel considerably
better than that of rigid materials.

// Resistant to damage Flexible materials that do not crack, break or crumble are resistant to vibration and mechanical abuse.

// Integrated vapour barrier ArmaFlex and the Arma-Chek covering systems are flexible and resilient to both water and water vapour ingress.

// Training and technical support Our team of technical experts support operators, engineers and contractors in optimising the value gained from using our insulation systems. We can offer a reliable technical service at every stage of your project.