ArmaFlex is Armacell's product heritage. Today, in it's 7th product generation, this flexible, light-weight, high-tech material features an insulating close cell structure with low thermal conductivity and an in-built vapour-barrier. Recognised as easy to install, it's the right fit for installers.  Complemented by superior performance to mitigate CUI, tested and confirmed by the recognised institutes TNO/Endures and InnCoa.

Your benefits with ArmaFlex

// Continuous sealed technology: ArmaFlex  is installed as a gap-free, continuous insulation system with tightly sealed joints around protrusions and supports.  This reduces the risk of water and water vapour ingress and thermal bridging of the insulation system and ensures consistent thermal performance.

// Damage and impact resistance: ArmaFlex is strong and highly resistant to impact, with higher density and mechanical performance, demanded by industrial environments.  When used in combination with our Arma-Chek R covering, risk of material compression and loss of thermal performance of the system is highly reduced.

// Long-term thermal performance and best in class CUI mitigation: The closed-cell structure of ArmaFlex ensures strong resistance to water absorption, as well as to water vapour transmission, resulting in a stable thermal conductivity over time and best-in-class CUI mitigation.




HT/ArmaFlex Industrial

High density industrial grade FEF insulation for elevated temperatures
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