ArmaSound Industrial Systems

By combining thermal insulation and noise reduction into a single modular solution, ArmaSound Industrial Systems offer innovative noise control solutions in oil and gas applications with a unique benefit - minimises the risk of corrosion under insulation.

At home, in extreme conditions, our systems are the industry’s preferred sound suppression solutions: they save space by up to 60%, reduce weight by up to 50%, can be installed up to 30% quicker and are proven to deliver outstanding long-term performance.

ArmaSound Brochure (FEF) ArmaSound Brochure (ArmaGel)

ArmaSound® RD240

High performance acoustic insulation for a quieter environment.
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ArmaSound® Barrier E

High performance noise barrier used as an integral component of ArmaSound Industrial Systems
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ArmaSound® Barrier H

Mass loaded noise barrier engineered for applications with metal jacketing
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