ArmaSound Industrial Systems is an example of how an outstanding hybrid solution based on the ArmaFlex and ArmaGel product suite delivers additional customer benefits.  The first noise control system to minimise the risk of corrosion under insulation.  Combined thermal and noise reduction in a single solution. Significant savings in installation and maintenance costs.

Standardised systems that meet ISO 15665 classifications and bespoke solution to satisfy specific project challenges

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Our secret: Engineered layer design

The secret is in the engineered multi-layer design: higher efficiency, thinner and lighter.  A deep understanding of the different insulation materials and how they behave when used together, led us to the development of ArmaSound Industrial systems.

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Proven Performance

ArmaSound Industrial Systems are tested by recognised institutes to satisfy, and in many cases exceed, the requirements of the main standards on noise control, such as ISO 15665 Class A to Class C, Class D acc. to Shell DEP specification, NORSOK standard R-004 (M-004) Class 6, 7 and 8 and ASTM E 1222.

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Caring about Health, Safety and Environment

Reduced noise levels are inherently beneficial for the environment. The impact of noise from industrial plants has significant effects on health, safety and the environment.  Noise induced hearing loss, compromised communication, cost of amenity and detrimental effects on wildlife are all consequences of a noisy plant.  The solution: ArmaSound Industrial Systems.

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Acoustic Insulation Systems

By combining thermal insulation and noise reduction into a single modular solution, ArmaSound Industrial Systems offer innovative noise control solutions in oil and gas applications with a unique benefit - minimises the risk of corrosion under insulation.

At home, in extreme conditions, our systems are the industry’s preferred sound suppression solutions: they save space by up to 60%, reduce weight by up to 50%, can be installed up to 30% quicker and are proven to deliver outstanding long-term performance.

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