substitution filler

ArmaPET® Shape as a substitution filler in precast concrete structures allows for lighter, more sustainable syntactic solutions at reduced installed cost.

// Enhances lightweight construction

// Provides secured stability during the mixing process

// Shows excellent resistance to chemicals, oil and frost attack

// Allows for easy implementation in existing production processes

// 100% recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives



Blended as a filler material in concrete, polymeric concrete or syntactic foam composites, ArmaPET Shape offers superior advantages over conventional materials and provides a highly innovative and sustainable product solution:

After water, concrete is the second most widely used material on the planet. The manufacture of concrete generates about 4.5 per cent of the world’s human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. Integrating ArmaPET Shape filler as a component helps to improve concrete sustainability by reducing its carbon footprint.

ArmaPET Shape as a substitution filler in the mix of concrete and cement provides significant weight reductions compared to conventional solutions. The transport of precast concrete elements becomes easier and more fuel-efficient and the handling on site is more economic and labour-efficient.

ArmaPET Shape supports the construction of stronger, more flexible, lighter and more sustainable concrete structures, from sidewalks and street barriers, to precast facade cladding, manholes and drainage pipes. Mixed with a suitable binder, ArmaPET Shape can be easily poured and shaped into synthetic foam composites, such as for low weight buoyancy applications.