Chinese composite market remains top focus for Armacell

  • New ArmaFORM® PET foam production line in China
  • Access to Chinese composite market through various supply channels

Thimister-Clermont, February 10, 2017 – Armacell announces that it will invest in a new PET foam production line in China, based on a consistently
high demand for its ArmaFORM® PET foam products in the composite manufacturing industry.

Armacell’s high-performance, cost-effective and sustainable PET-based core materials, marketed under the ArmaFORM® brand, are now manufactured in Belgium (Thimister-Clermont) and, before long, in Canada (Brampton). Additionally, the fourth PET foam production line in China is expected to be operational by the end of 2018.

For the past five years, Armacell served the Chinese market exclusively through the Sino Composite Co. Ltd. organisation. ‘The cooperation with Sino Composite as a strategic partner represented a great opportunity for us to strengthen our presence and supported us in exploring new applications in new markets. It is time to expand our route to the Chinese composite industry and, as of now, to market and sale ArmaFORM® products through various supply channels,’ says Henri Chapelle, GM Sales & Marketing PET Foams.

‘With the ongoing growth in China’s demand for lightweight composite solutions, we see this capacity expansion as a positive and necessary step toward assuring our customers of their continued access to our PET foam products,’ comments Managing Director PET Foams, Thomas Kessel. ‘The new production line is an important step in our global supply chain optimisation process, and it will allow us to offer a unique material at the cost effectiveness and supply flexibility that the Chinese composite market demands from us and for which we are known,’ Thomas Kessel continues.



Belinda Janson
Marketing & Communication Manager PET Core Global
Tel.: +32 87 325070