ArmaPET® Struct globally supports sustainable wind energy market growth, from optimised blade manufacturing through to extended life spans and blade recycling management.

Wind energy is one of our long-standing markets, where ArmaPET Struct is used in sandwich constructions for rotor blades, nacelles and spinners. It was Armacell who paved the way here, by supplying the first PET-based foam cores to the wind turbine industry in 2006. More than 150,000 rotor blades worldwide have already been built using ArmaPET Struct.

The rotor blades are the central wind turbine component and determine how much energy can be generated. Unsurprisingly, the trend is towards ever larger, more efficient rotor blades. This places great demands on the materials used to make the longer and consequently heavier blades: the high mechanical and wind loads require maximum core strength and rigidity without adding too much extra weight.

The key to the success of ArmaPET Struct is the unparalleled combination of material performance, processability and global availability in comparison to the previously dominant Balsa wood, SAN and PVC core materials:


» Low fluctuation in mechanical properties along with high thermal and dimensional stability support robust process stability and repeatability during blade manufacturing.

» Excellent fatigue properties, with a threshold >60%, ensure low service-life maintenance.

» ArmaPET, based on 100% recycled material, supports the wind energy industry environmental directives.

» Global ArmaPET manufacturing allows for full range availability anywhere and at any time.


ArmaPET is used in wind turbine applications:

Armacell is committed to quality management and environmental management as integral parts of the company’s overall policies. Our products and processes reflect the stringent wind industry quality standards for products and services and our quality management staff have been trained to comply with APQP4Wind. Our unique quality control systems allow for 100% monitoring of important product properties, down to the raw material batch used for the production of each individual ArmaPET Struct foam board.

Application: Rotor Blade / Nacelle / Spinner / Housing