ArmaPET® makes fire safety solutions possible that ensure passenger protection while enhancing the cost-effective operation of your rolling stock.

Today’s train operators and manufacturers are challenged by the need for even lighter, more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly trains that do not compromise on safety or durability. With ArmaPET, we offer the rail vehicle construction industry a lightweight and durable product solution for more sustainable, cost-efficient and safe operation.

// ArmaPET is a halogen-free product with very low smoke generation and reduced smoke toxicity that enhances rail passenger fire safety. EN 455454-2 compliance up to hazard level HL3, R1 is feasible.

// Outstanding impact resistance allow for a durable sandwich structure with long-term performance, fewer repairs and easy maintenance in use.

// ArmaPET, based on 100% recycled material, offers a more sustainable product solution and contributes to an eco-friendly way of travelling.

ArmaPET provides an economically and environmentally optimised core material solution for the manufacture of structural and interior train parts, from the driver’s cab, body shell and floor to doors, lavatory modules, compartment walls and tables.



The fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance of materials is a top priority in public transport, and even more important when trains operate underground or in tunnels. With the introduction of the European standard EN 45545-2, the requirements for FST performance in core materials have become even more demanding.

As a standalone foam, ArmaPET Struct FR complies with hazard level HL2, which covers 85 to 90% of all rail applications. However, EN45545-2 requires the final sandwich structure to be tested rather than the individual components. ArmaPET Struct FR in combination with phenolic or aluminium skins, for example, can be certified for levels up to HL3, which qualifies ArmaPET for use in all types of trains, including metro, sleeper and couchette cars.



Designing and manufacturing eco-friendly trains also implies consideration of how the processed materials are manufactured. The use of ArmaPET, based on 100% recycled material, enables train operators and manufacturers to present a more sustainable final product solution. A comprehensive life cycle assessment proves that the environmental benefits of ArmaPET products outperform those of any other comparable foam currently available on the market. Its carbon footprint is significantly reduced compared to the main competitive materials. More detailed information is provided in the ‘ArmaPET Life Cycle Assessment’.


Application: Body Structure / Door / Interior