ArmaPET® boosts sustainable building, providing a higher degree of freedom in design, while contributing to improved safety and comfort.

The use of modern composite materials is a noticeably growing trend in architectural applications. With a variety of exceptional benefits, FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) composite structures are pushing the boundaries, whereas the use of conventional materials is stagnant. Following this global trend, ArmaPET is capturing an increasingly large share of the market for traditional building materials such as steel, concrete or wood, and is also steadily replacing other polymeric foam core materials such as PVC, PUR/PIR and XPS.

ArmaPET based composite structures result in ease of installation, higher energy efficiency and reduced maintenance and repair costs, and thus provide the building sector with more effective solutions. Whether you use ArmaPET for exterior cladding panels, decorative façade elements, roof structures, modular houses or bridges – it brings numerous benefits:

// Its unique eco-balance supports the building industry directives for the environmentally responsible and resource-friendly design, construction, operation and maintenance of a building throughout its entire life cycle.

// The combination of structural properties, thermoformability and easy processing allows for futuristic designs that are often impossible to realise with other building materials or would only be possible with a great deal of extra effort, time and expense.

// ArmaPET is the ideal material for offsite fabrication and modular construction to optimise the construction period.

// As a halogen-free product with very low smoke generation and reduced smoke toxicity it addresses the building industry fire safety regulations.


Application: Building Envelope / Domes / Bridges / Modular Housing



Russian Orthodox Cathedral

ArmaPET Struct is used in the five gilded domes.

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KAFD World Trade Center

ArmPET Struct used for the more than 3,000 façade panels.

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Eco-friendly Composite House

Its structure is entirely made with ArmaPET Struct cored SIP.

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