ArmaPET® makes the construction of lighter vehicles viable, supports the reduction of CO2 emissions and the electrification of future mobility, and enhances payloads for commercial transport.

The automotive sector covers a broad range of applications, including cars, buses, recreational vehicles and (lightweight) trucks. In recent years, ArmaPET has been gaining more and more interest from the car manufacturing industry, as a result of the targets for weight savings, CO2 emission reduction and improved functionality:

// Low fluctuation in properties combined with high thermal and dimensional stability provides process stability and repeatability in the manufacture of sandwich panels.

// The high damage tolerance of ArmaPET in the sandwich structure enables cost-efficient operation.  

// ArmaPET facilitates integrated functions: superior screw retention allows conventional fixing methods without additional reinforcement.

// ArmaPET supports the industry environmental directives aimed at using sustainable materials and reducing CO2 emissions.

// As a lightweight and self-supporting material, ArmaPET facilitates lighter vehicle construction and higher payload options.

ArmaPET Eco products are especially interesting for the food carrier and refrigerated truck building industry thanks to their superior long-term insulating properties in combination with structural integrity. Replacing Balsa wood, polyurethane (PUR) and honeycomb with ArmaPET Eco in the body structure prevents energy losses during temperature-controlled transportation and allows for higher payloads.            


Application: Body structure of utility vehicle / Interior components of recreation vehicle