Page 1: Introduction




Our PET business is growing fast, and our PET product family is expanding. That's why we've decided to go for a simple and straightforward brand portfolio and launched ArmaPET™ as a family-brand for all our PET-based foams.


Page 2: New name, nothing changed




Although the name has changed, the products have not. There have definitely been no changes in the quality of our products, production processes, test methods or the equipment used to manufacture ArmaPET™ products. Current certificates and test reports will remain valid and be transferred to ArmaPET™ when the next renewal comes up.
(Bart Janssen, Vice President Engineered Foams & Energy)


Page 3: Product's value propositions




Simplification is the name of the game. A simplified naming system enables speedier and easier orientation for all our customers – just one family brand for all PET foams and, initially, four sub-brands:


ArmaPET™ Struct
Versatile and durable solutions for structural sandwich applications.

ArmaPET™ Eco
Products that combine insulation and structural integrity to ensure energy and emission efficiency for decades of use.

ArmaPET™ Curve
Products designed for recyclable thermoformable micro-sandwich solutions produced in continuous manufacturing processes.

ArmaPET™ Shape
Particle foam solutions offering maximum design flexibility to produce lightweight rigid 3D foam parts using innovative fusion technology.


All are sustainable product solutions featuring Armacell’s patented rPET foaming technology that converts recycled plastic bottles into long-lifetime, high-value foam materials.


Page 4: Applications




ArmaPET™ foam products are used in a wide variety of applications, such as


Wind turbines
Optimising blade manufacture by ensuring extended life spans and blade recycling management

Rail vehicles
Making fire safety solutions possible for enhanced passenger safety and more cost-effective operations

Road vehicles
Making the construction of lighter vehicles viable and thus reducing CO2 emissions

Sustainable building
Enabling a higher degree of design freedom while improving safety and comfort levels


In these and other applications, our rPET technology enables the creation of sustainable products that elevate the lifecycle performance and improve the environmental footprint of composite solutions.


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