Insulation just got better.

Insulation just got better.

Our vision has always been to provide innovative technical insulation  solutions to conserve energy and make a difference around the world.
With aerogel that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future today.
ArmaGel. Insulation just got better.

ArmaGel® HTF
Fire protection aerogel insulation
ArmaGel® HTL
Non-combustible aerogel insulation 
 ArmaGel® HT
High Temperature aerogel insulation
 ArmaGel®  DT
Dual Temperature aerogel insulation
 ArmaGel® Rail
Double-side laminated aerogel blanket 

Learn more. Aerogel.

Learn more. Aerogel.

Used by NASA to bring home a piece of a comet because it’s strong enough to stop a bullet in its track, aerogel offers an uncanny array of physical properties - thermal, acoustic - and incredible potential for insulation uses.
It's the world's lightest solid material. It's the world’s lowest density solid material. Discover more.

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Making a difference around the world.

Making a difference
around the world.

Insulation is our contribution to mastering the challenge of global climate change. ArmaGel HT is designed to give you high energy-saving performance. It's environmentally safe, chloride-free and landfill disposable. Plus it features our innovative dust-reducing technology LoDust. We’re Armacell, and we’re making a difference around the world.

Be a pioneer.

Be a pioneer.

Our company has a legacy and an important future. Our innovations tackle megatrends like urbanisation, energy efficiency and acoustic comfort. Our energy-saving, noise- and vibration-reducing solutions are making a key difference. Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest effect.

Don’t miss out on what matters.