Versatile, adaptable,
inspired by sustainability.


ArmaShape are loose PET beads for large-scale production of ready-to-use 3D shaped foam cores for composite sandwich structures. It combines the high mechanical properties of structural foam cores with the advantages of particle foams to offer lightweight and strong three-dimensional foam parts which are producible in nearly any shape.

Cost-effective manufacturing of 3D shaped foam parts

Starting from recycled PET flakes, the polymer is granulated and further processed by Armacell’s patented technology to produce ArmaShape. These PET-based beads are then filled into a mould and fused by a newly developed technology into the finished part. Thanks to a moulding technology that requires no additional production steps like milling or manual forming, ArmaShape will offer considerable overall cost savings for the end applications.


The high service temperature of up to +180°C opens a door to more demanding applications, currently blocked due to limited technical performance of traditional particle foams.

The fine and smooth surface structure of ArmaShape moulded foam parts provides an excellent bond to any commercial resin and limits resin uptake without additional treatment. ArmaShape is compatible with all common resins systems and thermoset materials.

The green PET-based particle foam

Like all Armacell's PET foam products, ArmaShape is manufactured and processed in an eco-friendly manner without using CFCs or HCFCs. Furthermore, grades employing the latest generation of halogen-free flame retardants have been developed with tailored fire retardancy characteristics. Made from 100% recycled PET and recyclable again after their use phase, ArmaShape represents a highly sustainable alternative to comparable materials in the market.


ArmaShape brings significant benefits to many industries where lightweight yet strong plastic parts are prerequisites for a successful product design. First and foremost, the automotive industry will feel the benefits in high-volume applications such as car bodies or chassis.