You do thermoforming?
We've got PET Foil. 


With the introduction of ArmaForm Foil, Armacell again demonstrates its technical leadership driven by sustainable thinking: a fully recyclable and thermoformable thermoplastic foil product with high temperature resistance up to +180°C that has found its way into automotive, building and construction and many other applications.

Our extruded thin sheets, 100% made of recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), are supplied on rolls or cut sheets and are available in thicknesses starting at 1 mm and densities between 100 and 300 kg/m³. Our clients can get them in customised stiffness and fire-resistant formulations. Thanks to its versatility, ArmaForm Foil offers you a large variety of design and production options, and is designed to either provide a highly sustainable and improved alternative to cross-linked polyethylene (XPE) and cross-linked polypropylene (XPP) foil products in mainly in thermoforming applications or to be used in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) sandwich structures where thin cores (<5 mm) are needed.


ArmaForm Foil provides an unrivalled service temperature range: it is cold-resistant to -40°C and heat-resistant to +180°C. The heat resistance provides a significantly broader thermoforming window than comparable XPE and XPP products.


The standard grade of ArmaForm Foil fulfills FMVSS302 and DIN 4102 fire testing with classification B2. Customised formulations for increased fire resistance are available on request.


Its improved stiffness and compression properties, in combination with thermal and chemical stability, particularly differentiate ArmaForm Foil from any other thermoplastic foil product currently available on the market.


ArmaForm Foil's closed and fine cells provide a smooth surface structure for better processing in lamination, die cutting, forming and more. A variety of different facings, such as non-woven, aluminium and glass scrim, can easily be applied. 


Truly green: ArmaForm Foil is 100% made of recycled PET and can 100% be recycled after use. It requires 3.5 times less energy for its production than PE foil products of the same size and density, and results in 94% less CO2 emissions!

Whatever the application - as a lightweight thermoformed part in the automotive industry (e.g., door water shields, roof liners) or as a lightweight thin core in fibre-reinforced laminates in the building and construction market (e.g., cladding panels, shelters) - ArmaForm Foil supports our customers in their quest for more sustainable solutions.