One foam core,
different densities.


ArmaForm MultiCore is the response to the market’s demand for multiple core design, combining different densities in one foam core to improve impact and point load resistance while keeping the weight at its minimum.

ArmaForm MultiCore is designed to replace traditional Plywood-XPS and other multi-ply panels used in a variety of applications, such as:

  • load bearing floor panels in lightweight trucks and trailers
  • side wall insulation panels in refrigerated trucks
  • body structure in caravans and motorhomes accessible parts like pedestrian bridges, scaffolding



Our multiple foam core solution offers a unique combination of properties, including improved compression strength and point load static as well as an increased impact performance and point load dynamic:


The use of higher density layers allows for superior screw retention without additional reinforcement – an increase of up to 25-30%.


In case of point loads lower than the skin strength damages can be decreased close to 70%. The lower density acts as a shock absorber, it reduces the stress locally applied to the panel and leads to improved strain at failure.


Due to the nature of a multi-density foam core, with higher density skins, ArmaForm MC is beneficial to decrease the amount of resin uptake. Of course, the savings depend on the final combination of densities.


ArmaForm MultiCore is made of 100% post-consumer PET and is also recyclable at the end of its service life.