CO2 efficient. ArmaForm Eco. 


Climate protection and sustainability are shaping the political agenda worldwide. Embracing responsibility for future generations means to focus on the need for sustainable construction using materials and structures which offer long-term performance. Designing energy-efficient composite sandwich structures are a powerful way of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. This leads to higher and specific requirements to the core material in use, in particular the core’s long-term insulating properties and mechanical performance. Armacell is following the growing demand for high-performance insulating materials and offers with ArmaForm Eco a core foam that combines strength, stiffness and thermal insulation with process versatility and design flexibility, as well as outstanding sustainability.


High water resistance guaranties stable thermal conductivity even after many years of operation.


The closed-cell structure minimizes moisture penetration to ensure long-term corrosion protection and minimal maintenance requirements.


Compatibility with various production methods (e.g. infusion or pre-preg) and all common resin systems, as well as curing temperatures up to +180°C, taking into account individual manufacturing processes and the most varied material combination.


Its solvent stability makes ArmaForm Eco resistant to most acids, salts and fuels.


Thanks to Armacell’s patented r-PET technology, ArmaForm Eco is made from 100% recycled PET, more precisely from recycled beverage bottles, millions of which are in circulation all over the world.
Like all our PET foam products, it is manufactured and processed in an eco-friendly manner without using CFCs or HCFCs. We re-use 100% of our material process loss by recycling internally and the product is again fully recyclable after its use phase.

ArmaForm Eco represents a truly sustainable solution, enabling Armacell and its customers to present a real green alternative to comparable materials in the market.

The use of ArmaForm Eco in wall, roof or floor composite sandwich panels of refrigerated truck bodies prevents energy loss during temperature controlled transportation and supports heavy cargo loads experienced during loading and dynamic loads during operation.

ArmaForm Eco is a suitable core for all kinds of prefabricated structural insulated panels in the building envelope and internal partitions. In addition to its long-term insulation and structural integrity, additional key benefits are its thermo formability into curved shape and its versatility with almost any type of finishing options.