No matter what colour outside,
it is green PET inside.


The road transport sector covers a broad range of applications from cars, buses and recreation vehicles to (lightweight) trucks. Just as in the case of the marine and railway sectors, the principle market drivers continue to be weight reduction, cost, functionality, emissions reduction and safety.

The lightweight truck market, for example, utilises sandwich composites for the body structure, mainly for side wall and flooring panels. Usually, these are made of wood, polyurethane (PUR) foams and polypropylene honeycomb. ArmaForm is gaining more and more interest from the truck building industry based on its unmatched benefits, such as high structural integrity, impact resistance, cost-efficiency, recyclability and process ability.

The stronger and stiffer ArmaForm Core based panels are self-supporting structures, eliminating the need of the bulkheads and cross-members needed in PUR and honeycomb construction. So the usable payload space and revenues will increase. Its superior thermal insulation properties make ArmaForm Eco especially interesting for food carriers and refrigerated trucks. Operating costs and environmental impact go hand-in-hand with the insulating performance of the truck body.

ArmaForm Core is an outstanding versatile and user-friendly core material. You can directly screw onto the sandwich panels without adding extra wooden parts for reinforcement. Compared to PUR and honeycomb structures, this saves weight and can improve the insulation performance. Furthermore, the better anchorage of the skins to the core, induced by the compatibility properties of ArmaForm Core, minimises the risk of delamination and increases the overall strength and flexibility of the sandwich structure.

Another main benefit of ArmaForm Core is the faster and more efficient manufacturing process of “simply” gluing the truck body together, which is impossible with other core materials. Last but not least, with its continuous service temperature of +150°C, ArmaForm Core withstands higher temperature and pressure during the production cycle. There are no limitations in the production method: infusion, RTM and VARTM are all possible.

For sandwich structures such as interior elements of recreation vehicles, which require core thickness of <5 mm, our thin flexible ArmaForm Foil sheets represent a good alternative. 


Applications: body structure of utility vehicle /  interior components of recreation vehicle