Super core
for super yachts.


Whether you build racing boats or super yachts, commercial vessels or catamarans, they all share the need for strength and durability to withstand rough sailing conditions and for performance. Thus, core materials used in marine sandwich structures have a particular need for dynamic strength, stiffness and, of course, resistance to water absorption.

No matter the type of boat, typical applications for composite sandwich applications are hull bottoms, stringers and bulkheads, all located below the water line. They are dynamically loaded structures that require stiff, strong and damage-tolerant cores, capable of absorbing high dynamic impacts such as slamming loads. Decks, superstructures and cabin interiors are located above the water line, where static properties are important.

ArmaForm Core combines all that with environmental considerations and is constantly gaining ground on traditional materials like PVC, Balsa and SAN in today’s boat building industry. Using ArmaForm as the core material in marine composite structures can offer a great variety of benefits, such as:


Excellent fatigue properties: ArmaForm Core shows a fatigue threshold of > 60% - twice that of PVC and SAN cores!


Superior thermal properties: At +150°C, ArmaForm Core allows a process time of days, at +180°C, a couple of hours and it is suitable for all manufacturing processes where high resin temperatures are common. A further advantage of the temperature stability is its resistance to 
              print-through on dark hulls or topsides.


Process versatility: High performing core material is of less use if it adds too much complexity and costs to the manufacturing process. ArmaForm Core is compatible with different production methods, including hand lamination, prepreg, infusion and the use of
              polyester, epoxy and any other common resin. 


Thermo-formable: ArmaForm Core is well suited for thermoforming by heating to its softening point. 3D-shaped or double curved shapes are possible without cutting the foam core, thus eliminating core stress concentration and increased resin consumption.


Sustainability: ArmaForm is 100% recyclable after its use phase and already made of 100% post-consumer PET. You cannot find a more sustainable foam core in the boat building industry. 


Application: Boat Hull / Interior / Deck / Superstructure