We don't offer mobility,
but make it greener. 


Regardless of where improvements need to be made - in weight, cost, CO2 emission or functionality - with ArmaForm we offer you innovative solutions for different means of transport.

The transport sector covers a broad range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, trains, buses and boats. It is not for nothing that weight reduction is a major driver, given the desire for reduced fuel consumption, CO2 emissions reduction or increased payloads. ArmaForm based sandwich structures lower structural weight while maintaining performance and safety and reducing life-cycle costs.

The general trend towards green products in a more and more environmental-conscious society does not stop at mobility. More and more people are moving from private automobiles to public transport to decrease the environmental impact. Designing green vehicles is not just about using more environmentally conscious engine parts and electrical components; it also means using environmentally friendly materials in their body and interior.

ArmaForm used in:


Rail application

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Marine application

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Road application

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