We are caring for climate
and quality.


Armacell is committed to quality and environmental management as integral parts of the company’s overall policies. Our products and processes reflect the highest quality standards for products and services according to ISO 9001:2015.

Armacell uses state-of-the-art technology for production, control and monitoring in the ArmaForm Core manufacturing process. The overall process consists of three main steps: extrusion, block welding and slicing and squaring. To be compliant with the stringent wind turbine generator (WTG) industry quality standards, Armacell has developed and implemented unique quality control systems that allow 100% quality control of important product properties.

Several state-of-the-art inline systems have been implemented to control physical properties, optical aspects and dimensional tolerances. These tools enable statistical process control (SPC). An actively managed six-sigma process has continuously improved the process efficiency with capabilities of >6 sigma for certain key properties. Fully-integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) allows tracing of each individual board down to the raw material batch used for its production. Besides these inline measurements and inspections, a series of tests are constantly carried out to guarantee the highest quality and reliability. Each of the properties is measured against internal and customer specifications.
A detailed certificate of conformity (COC) can be issued for each product delivery.