Insulation thickness Calculator – ArmWin

The main requirement of low-temperature insulation is to prevent condensation. In addition to the quality of the material and installation, the correct insulation thickness is decisive in achieving long-term condensation control, especially in high humidity conditions.

To calculate the insulation thickness it is necessary to know or define:

  1. the medium / line temperature
  2. ambient temperature
  3. relative humidity

to determine the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of both the insulation and the object to be insulated (pipe, tank or duct etc). These calculations can be made more easily using the latest version of the ArmWin program provided by Armacell.

ArmWin can be used to determine not only the minimum insulation thickness required for condensation control, but also:

  • Surface temperature
  • Heat flow
  • Temperature changes in flowing and stationary media
  • Freezing times for water pipes
  • The most economical insulation thicknesses, i.e. those with the shortest pay-back periods

In addition, the calculations are illustrated with graphics wherever this is helpful.

Use the online version for your calculations.

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