Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning

Premium insulation for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Complete range of insulation solutions for chilled water and refrigerant pipelines

The applications for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems range from food production, chiller cabinets to the year round climate control of residences and commercial buildings. As with heating systems, the correct choice of insulation can save a great deal of energy by improving efficiency of the system.

Armacell’s high-performance technical insulation materials meet all individual requirements for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. ArmaFlex closed cell materials provide dependable, long-term protection whilst also contributing to reducing operating noise.

Your advantages with Armacell:

  • High-performance professional system solutions
  • Experience gained over 40 years of production and from a large number of reference projects
  • Superior condensation control, energy savings and cost reduction
  • Compliance with specific fire protection regulations