Green Guide Rating

The Green Guide to Specification now includes a category for pipe insulation products

An active contribution to environmental protection

ArmaFlex nitrile rubber insulation products receive an A rating in the BREEAM Green Guide and a summary of the ratings for nitrile rubber products can be found online at 

ArmaFlex products have a GWP and ODP rating of zero. The gas given off in the manufacture of ArmaFlex is nitrogen, which makes up the majority of air. The GWP and ODP certificates are independently verified by Bureau Veritas, available on request.

Our Tubolit polyethylene foam insulation has a GWP of 3 and an ODP of zero. The blowing agent used is Isobutane, which has a negligible ODP and a GWP value only 3.3 times that of carbon dioxide.

Armacell also publishes independently verified EPDs and product life cycle assessments compliant with ISO 15804 and ISO 14025 for AF/ArmaFlex Class O, ArmaFlex Ultima, HT/ArmaFlex and NH/ArmaFlex (see

Comparing the energy input for manufacturing 1kg of ArmaFlex with the energy saving achieved during its in-use phase shows an outstanding energy balance. ArmaFlex saves 140 times more energy than is used in its production.

Armacell UK is ISO 14001 accredited, to request a copy of our certificate please email