Tubolit Split & DuoSplit ALU


Tubolit Split & DuoSplit ALU

Special Features

  • Aluminium is light-weight, cost efficient and recyclable
  • Compliant with common refrigerants like R410A & R407C
  • Fulfils the European Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Bends easily without kinking
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Polyolefin-copolymer textured coating provides good resistance to UV radiation
  • Patented join-split adhesive technology to easily split and join the pipes without any tool
  • Closed cell insulation prevents condensation

Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu coils provide an economic alternative to pre-insulated copper pipe systems, with aluminium tube offering a light weight and recyclable option, suitable for refrigerant gases R410A & R407C.

The aluminium pipe meets the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive and is easy to bend without kinks appearing in the tube. The tube is installed like copper, using the same tools and connection methods widely known in the industry, all be it with a slightly lower brazing temperature. For the equivalent burst pressure, aluminium tubes are on average 65% lighter than copper making it a cost efficient option and easier to transport.