ArmaFlex Rail



Special Features

  • The leading and most innovative closed-cell thermal insulation available to the railway industry worldwide
  • High-tech insulation with advanced fire protection for railway vehicles
  • Closed cell insulation with built-in water vapour barrier reduces risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Extremely low smoke density, no burning droplets in the event of fire
  • Reduced risk of mould and mildew contributes to improved indoor air quality
  • First flexible closed-cell insulation to meet hazard level 2 & 3 according to EN 45545

ArmaFlex Rail SD

The first closed cell insulation for increased people & fire safety in railway vehicles.

•    Extremely low smoke density and superior fire behaviour
•    Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection reduces mould and bacteria growth
•    Complies with most international railway standards for insulation materials
      - EN 45545 – HL2, R1
      - DIN 5510-2
      - GOST 12.1.044-89
      - United Nations ECE R-118 p. 6-8

ArmaFlex Rail SD-C

The first closed-cell insulation material for use in areas requiring the highest hazard level – HL3.

•    With Microban® antimicrobial product protection
•    Excellent mechanical protection and high degree of stability under exposure to ultraviolet light
•    Wash-down waterproof and easy to clean
•    Meets highest hazard level requirements
      - EN 45545 – HL3, R1

ArmaFlex Rail ZH

The first halogen-free, closed-cell insulation material to achieve the classification HL2, R1 under EN 45545.

•    The protective halogen-free insulation to reduce corrosive effects and smoke toxicity in a fire
•    Low smoke density, superior fire behaviour
•    Dust and fibre free material with low thermal conductivity
•    High-tech insulation with built-in fire protection for railway vehicles
      - EN 45545 – HL2, R1

ArmaFlex Rail ZH-C

The first halogen-free, closed-cell insulation material for applications with the highest hazard level requirements.

•    Halogen-free insulation reduces toxicity and corrosive effects on people and equipment
•    Resistant to UV, salt water and chemicals
•    Wash-down waterproof and easy to clean
•    The revolutionary insulation product has a factory-applied, silver-metallic look, reinforced coating for
      increased hygienic requirements
      - EN 45545
      - HL3, R1


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