Sunseeker International, Poole


Sunseeker International is a British luxury motor yacht manufacturer. From humble beginnings, Sunseeker have evolved from being a brand, to a global icon. Producing the finest motoryachts the world has ever seen, every Sunseeker is the result of an uncompromising and unmatched approach to design, craftsmanship and performance. Manufactured in Poole on the south coast of England and available from 40 – 155 feet, the Sunseeker range constantly set new standards and benchmarks. Never settling for second best, Sunseeker installed AF/ArmaFlex Class O tubes and ArmaFix AF and X pipe supports on all Cruisers and Yachts for the various types of air conditioning and chilled water systems fitted.

On board the range of Sunseeker luxury cruisers and yachts, various types of air conditioning and chilled water systems are fitted, depending on the size and specification of the craft (the current Sunseeker range encompasses yachts from 40 foot to 155 foot long). For the larger boats, chilled water systems that cool fresh water before pumping it through an insulated piping loop to air handlers located in the living spaces are used.

On the open sea, yachts can regularly experience temperatures of 40°C, and so a high performance insulation is essential to protect the interior pipework from condensation in humid conditions. Armacell UK were able to offer full technical support to the Sunseeker manufacturing team to find the right solution. Insulation thicknesses were calculated for a range of ambient and line temperatures, followed up with after sales support including installer application training at our Oldham training school and onsite application supervision at Sunseeker‘s Poole boat yard.

The installer training covered best practice techniques for applying the reduced solvent ArmaFlex RS850 adhesive to ensure a vapour tight seal on all joins, in addition to fabricating AF/ArmaFlex Class O fittings for bends, junctions, flanges, pipe unions and brackets. ArmaFix AF and ArmaFix X insulated pipe supports are also installed on board the yachts to prevent thermal bridging and condensation occurring at pipe hangers.

AF/ArmaFlex Class O represents the ideal insulation material for Sunseeker, with the flexible structure convenient for fitting into tight spaces and making it easier to cut and fabricate onsite. The closed cell structure of ArmaFlex also makes it the preferred solution for refrigeration and air conditioning pipework, offering a combination of low thermal conductivity and a built-in barrier against water vapour transmission.