The Journey of Ilgaz Dalkılıç


We all know full well just how much has changed in our way of working and our everyday life over the past two years. So, we talked to Ilgaz Dalkılıç our General Manager, Armacell South-East Europe, based in Bursa, Turkey about what he have learned from these difficult times. We also asked him about what skills they feel are the most important to be successful at Armacell. 

In 1999, when I was 25, together with my two partners I founded my own company, Das Rubber Co. producing OneFlex.

In 2015, Armacell acquired the company and I became General Manager of the Armacell Yalıtım plant. Since then, we have grown organically as an integral part of the company and are proud of our journey together. Only together can we change the future.

Takeaways from a complicated year

My first and foremost priority was to protect the health of our employees while ensuring business continuity. Despite the complicated times, we had a successful year because we identified opportunities where others saw trouble.

The team focused primarily on budget targets, planned down to the tiniest detail, and therefore performed better than expected. We also adapted very fast and responded to the volatility of market conditions.​​​​​​​

Reference project​​​​​​​

Our mission at Armacell Yalıtım is to continue growing our production capabilities.

As a result, the most important project this year was the commissioning of a new production line.

We established the project management team, approved the execution plans, and followed them strictly. Logistically, the most complex challenge was to coordinate with different teams and entities within Armacell to meet our tight deadline.

Moreover, we maintained close collaboration with the engineering and purchasing teams in Germany and China, and despite the Covid restrictions and international transportation crisis, all equipment reached our site on time and the installation was completed ahead of schedule. 

​​​​​​​What amazed me was the planning. This was so precise that we obtained the highest quality products even during trial production. I would like to thank my colleagues for their professionalism, proactivity, and outstanding efforts. I am proud of them all. They are great people.