ArmaPhonic is a unique open-cell sound absorber that offers additional barrier performance, vibration damping and de-coupling (isolation) properties. As a fibre free and open cell foam material for acoustic insulation applications, ArmaPhonic has visco-elastic properties that help to dampen resonance effects in metal panels and is able to reduce structure-borne noise transmission when used as isolation pads.  

Delivering optimal performance at lower thicknesses than traditional materials, ArmaPhonic is the trusted acoustic absorption material for linings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, acoustic enclosures and in industrial and heavy automotive applications. 

Key features

  • Effective air-borne sound absorption across a broad frequency range
  • Fibre free, open cell material with complex pore geometry
  • Combination of acoustic and thermal properties
  • Flexible and light weight 
  • Additional barrier performance, vibration damping and de-coupling (isolation) properties
  • Delivers optimal performance at lower thickness
Sound absorber for a quieter environment - ArmaPhonic®

Acoustic insulation in air ducts - fibre or fibre free?

Most of the problematic noise in a ductwork system lies in the 125 to 1000Hz range. Commonly used fibre based duct liners absorb sound, allowing it to freely enter the space between the fibres, where friction caused within the material will reduce the noise. Although typical 1-inch thick fibre based duct liners are effective over a broad range of frequencies, greater thicknesses (and length) of the material is required in order to be effective for low frequency noise (500Hz and below).

In comparison, fibre free duct liners such as open-cell elastomeric foams are good at absorbing sound at low frequencies and can minimise the amount of sound that is reflected from its surface. It is capable of achieving the same performance at lower thickness as compared to fibre based materials and is of a lesser health risk to installers and building occupants. Elastomeric foams are typically expected to last the lifetime of the duct system. 

Armacell. Global presence. Local focus.

ArmaFlex is Armacell's product heritage. The standard ArmaFlex product is manufactured across the Armacell world and customised to meet local requirements and often combined with other products into hybrid solutions. ArmaFlex FRV, for example, has been fire-tested for vertical pipe chases to NFPA 274, is free of fibre and formaldehyde and has a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). 

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