The importance of high-performance insulation. Armacell launches new campaign on its corporate website

  • Insights into high-performance insulation solutions for climate challenges
  • Armacell´s wide product offering across multiple end markets and industries
  • Presence and relevance of Armacell in everyday life

Luxemburg, March 21, 2016 – Armacell, a world leader in flexible insulation foams for the equipment insulation market and also a leading provider of engineered foams, launches a new campaign on its corporate website. Under the title “Insulation is key to tackle climate challenges & prevent energy losses”, the campaign addresses a broad audience.  Major goal is to emphasize the importance of high-performance insulation solutions for the climate challenges of the 21st century.

The campaign introduces the visitor into the two focus topics “transportation of energy” and “construction industry” through explanatory videos. Furthermore, it provides insights into the wide product offering of Armacell across multiple end markets and industries worldwide as well as its importance in many areas of daily life:  Be it commercial- or residential buildings, automotive, transportation, oil & gas, wind turbines, sports & leisure and several more.

“Armacell is a global leader in energy-efficiency. The campaign underlines this fact by providing insights into the amazing variety of our high-performance products. We offer solutions for the increasing demand of substitution of existing insulation material as well as for the megatrends energy efficiency and urbanisation”, says Susan Krambo, Director Corporate Communications at Armacell.

The campaign is applicable on mobile devices and each chapter can be shared on social media. It can be accessed via the following link: