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Armacell Jios Aerogels awarded in South Korea

Seoul, 8 November 2019 – Armacell Jios Aerogels (AJA), the joint venture for the development and manufacturing of silica aerogel blankets, was awarded the Commendation of the Prime Minister during the Foreign Company Day held on 4 November 2019.

This annual event hosted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy, and the Foreign Company Association, acknowledges the importance of foreign direct investment into domestic companies and their contribution towards South Korea’s economic development. Attended by 500 CEOs, executives of global companies and government representatives, a total of forty-six foreign companies received accolades at this year’s event.

“South Korea’s strong economy in addition to its manufacturing know-how and business mind-set makes it a natural choice for our operations. We are present in South Korea since 2012 and the joint venture formed with Jios in 2016 strengthened our existing position and today provides our global customers with access to next generation aerogel technology,” explained Malte Witt, Armacell’s Vice President APAC and Chief Marketing Officer.

“Thanks to our alliance, we are offering innovative product solutions. Aerogel is a unique material used to manufacture high-performance insulation blankets. Together, we revolutionised aerogel blanket manufacturing with an efficient two-step process that significantly reduces production time,” concluded Stephen Kang, AJA’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.