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Insulation is the key to increased energy efficiency — in commercial and residential buildings, in industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. When energy is generated, transported or stored, part of the valuable resource gets lost when the equipment is not or is poorly insulated.

Did you know that buildings are the single largest user of energy in the world? The energy used to heat, cool and light our buildings accounts for more than 40% of all CO2 emissions. Up to 25% of this energy could be saved just by insulating accessible heating and hot-water pipes in old buildings.

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The performance of ArmaFlex® insulation materials has been proven in numerous projects all over the world, since it was first invented in 1954. Hence, Armacell is trusted by major engineering and installation firms as a reliable manufacturer and supportive partner of insulation materials and systems. Find out more about some of these successful case studies.

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