ArmaProtect® System

For your fire protection solutions.


Every year, Armacell invests a significant single digit million euro amount and conducts many thousands of fire related tests. Our R&D activities focus on developing new and innovative insulation solutions and on continuously improving certified product performance. State-of-the-art product testing centres closely monitor product performances in-house on an ongoing basis. Armacell’s European fire test laboratory alone annually undertakes around 5,000 fire tests.



Cutting off the path of the fire

In a fire, service equipment has a significant impact on safety in buildings. Pipes, ducts and electric cables penetrate separating building elements and thus form a path via which flames and smoke can spread. Passive fire protection systems are built-in components which compartmentalise a building through the use of fire barriers (fire-rated walls, floors and ceilings).


Effective and reliable fire protection

ArmaProtect systems facilitate your fire protection project. We provide you with a versatile range for nearly all types of pipes and structural elements. Properly installed, our integrated systems ensure that wall and ceiling penetrations reliably pass building inspections thus ontributing to a smooth construction process.

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