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ArmaFix Ecolight made by Armacell: Elastomeric insulation clamp with environment-friendly PET core

Quick, easy and environment friendly: efficient thermal isolation with the new ArmaFix Ecolight pipe support

Prevent thermal bridging! Depending on the diameter of the pipe, the heat loss on an uninsulated pipe bracket (on the left) can be equivalent to the heat loss from up to 1 metre of uninsulated pipe

With ArmaFix Ecolight Armacell presents a new insulation clamp for standard applications to prevent thermal bridging in the sensitive area of the pipe bracket. ArmaFix Ecolight thermally isolates the pipe from its fixing and thus protects equipment against condensation and energy losses. The lightweight pipe support with innovative PET load-bearing segments can be installed simply, quickly and neatly.



Strengthen the weakest link in the chain!



Pipe brackets represent a potential weak point in insulation work. If the pipe is not thermally isolated from the pipe bracket, thermal bridges occur and condensation can form. This leads to increased energy losses and a higher risk of corrosion and expensive secondary damage. ArmaFix Ecolight thermally isolates the pipe and bracket from each other. Together with the adjoining ArmaFlex material it forms an insulation system with long-term reliability. The pipe support consists of flexible elastomeric foam and load-bearing PET elements. The closed-cell elastomeric insulation material with a high resistance to water-vapour transmission and low thermal conductivity provides reliable thermal protection and condensation control. The load-bearing elements ensure that the flexible insulation material is not compressed by the weight of the pipe thus compromising the insulation capacity. When unsuitable products are used, this is often the cause of condensation processes.



Excellent technical and mechanical properties



The environment-friendly load-bearing segments are made of recycled PET bottles which are industrially foamed. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is  lightweight, has high mechanical strength in combination with residual flexibility and a maximum service life. Furthermore, PET has very good insulation properties: the material has a closed-cell structure and low thermal conductivity (λ23°C ≤ 0.033 W/mK). With a density of 100 kg/m³ PET weights less than PUR (140 - 145 kg/m³). Yet at the same time PET displays higher compressive strength than PUR and is resistant to aging.



High-tech product made out of PET bottles



The PET material is made 100 % out of the recyclate of PET bottles, 100 % of production scrap flows back into the manufacturing of new PET blocks and the PET elements can be completely recycled at the end of their service life. PET has an excellent environmental performance: the material requires over 60 % less energy for its production than PUR and releases over 80 % less CO2. PET made of recyclate even goes one better: the manufacturing  requires 40 % less energy and causes 30 % less CO2 emissions than conventional PET foams.



Fast and simple installation 



ArmaFix Ecolight can be installed quickly, eas­ily and neatly. Unlike standard clamps which have to be insulated with a fitting cover made of ArmaFlex tube or sheet material, the one-piece pipe support can simply be installed and inserted into the metal clamp when the pipes are laid. During the subsequent insulation work, the butt ends of the ArmaFix Ecolight pipe support just need to be glued to the elastomeric tube material. The pipe support is of the high quality expected from Armacell and is available in five insulation thicknesses from 13 to 40 mm for pipe diameters from 6 to 114 mm. The range also includes matching clamps.




About Armacell



Armacell is a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams. With 3,000 employees and 25 production plants in 16 countries, the company generated net sales of approx. EUR 560 million and EBITDA (before unusual items) of approx. EUR 100 million in 2016.

In addition to ARMAFLEX, the world’s leading brand for flexible technical insula­tion, Armacell offers thermoplastic insulation materi­als, covering sys­tems, fire protection and noise control solu­tions as well as special foams for a multi­tude of industrial applications. In recent years, Armacell has devel­oped new insulation systems for the oil and gas market, core foams for com­posite materi­als, and low-smoke products that have set new standards in the industry.

Armacell’s products make a significant contribution to global energy efficiency.

Further information on Armacell can be found at www.armacell.com or www.armacell.eu.