Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu. Corrosion resistant, lightweight and cost efficient

Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu: the tried-and-tested 2-in-1 product for installing air-conditioners now in a cost-effective aluminium version (Illustration: Armacell)

Armacell at the Chillventa 2014 (Hall 2 /Stand 2-312)

Nürnberg, 14 October 2014 – Première at the Chillventa: With Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu Armacell is adding a cost-effective product variant made of aluminium to its range of system solutions for split air-conditioners. The pre-insulated pipes for connecting the components of split and multi-split air-conditioners quickly and reliably provide not only substantial cost benefits, but also outstanding technical properties.


Energy efficient, easy to install and durable

Aluminium is the metal of the future: It is light, inexpensive and recyclable. Due to its particular material properties, aluminium has a longer service life than other metals, when used appropriately, and it is much more resistant to corrosion than steel or copper. Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu are made of an aluminium alloy which was specially developed for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.
Aluminium also offers further benefits: With similar burst pressure to copper, it is on average 65 % lighter. The material can be bent easily without kinking, making the installation process both faster and cheaper. Apart from a few minor differences, the material is handled in the same way as copper. The same tools are needed and the connection methods are already well-known in the business.
The cost benefits are outstanding: Whereas the price for standard copper piping has increased by around 140 % since 2002 and fluctuates throughout the year, comparable aluminium piping is available for only a third of the cost and the price is much more stable.


Energy savings, condensation control and long service life

By far more energy is required to provide cold than to generate heat. To ensure that the expensively-produced cold arrives where it is needed, the pipes must be protected against unnecessary energy losses. On cold pipes only closed-cell insulation materials can reliably prevent condensation and thus increase the energy efficiency of the equipment in the long term. For many years, the pre-insulated Tubolit Split and DuoSplit pipes have been the tried-and-tested solution for connecting the components of Split and DuoSplit air-conditioners. They prevent condensation processes and thus effectively support corrosion protection. In addition, the insulation material has low thermal conductivity and good structure-borne noise insulation properties.

Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu are suitable for the refrigerant gases R410A and R407C. They fulfil the European Pressure Equipment Directive and the polyolefin-copolymer covering is UV-resistant. The special advantage of the twin-pipes is that the patented join-split fastening technology allows them to be split and joined without the need for tools.

To ensure fast and wastage-free installation, Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit Alu are available on 25 and 50 m continuous-length rolls in metric and imperial pipe diameters.

Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu
Tubolit Split & DuoSplit Alu: the tried-and-tested 2-in-1 product for installing air-conditioners now in a cost-effective aluminium version (Illustration: Armacell)
closed-cell Tubolit insulation
The closed-cell Tubolit insulation protects the aluminium pipe against condensation and thus supports corrosion protection (Illustration: Armacell)