Economical Precovered Insulation System – Now in New Colors!

Class 0 ArmaFlex® with Arma-Chek® GC is a precovered insulation system that prevents condensation, reduces energy losses and protects against frost on pipes, air ducts and vessels. 3 new colour variants – namely red, blue and green are now available. Ms Manasi Bagde, Marketing Communications Manager of Armacell India explains, “The economical pre-covered ArmaFlex system in new colours offers more than aesthetic options. End-users can better differentiate between pipelines, such as hot and cold lines, with the use of different colored coverings.”


The FM-approved system is comprised of Class 0 ArmaFlex® insulation material and covered with a flexible, woven glass fibre covering known as Arma-Chek® GC. Offering effective resistance to mechanical impact and scratches, customers are already familiar with Class 0 ArmaFlex® precovered with Arma-Chek® GC in black or grey. Arma-Chek® GC is also available separately.

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