DuoSolar 220: Armacell’s pre-insulated twin-pipe system for evacuated tube collectors

Plug and Play – With Armacell’s DuoSolar 220 evacuated tube collectors can now also be connected quickly and reliably (illustration: Armacell)

Münster, 28 April 2015 – With the new DuoSolar 220 Armacell now also provides pre-insulated, corrugated stainless-steel pipes for evacuated tube collectors. While standard solar pipes are only suitable for flat plate collectors with a maximum application temperature of 150 °C, the new twin pipes made by Armacell even withstand the high temperatures of tube collectors of up to 220 °C. The wide range of system accessories ensures that the collector can be connected to the heat storage tank quickly and reliably.

Pre-insulated twin-pipe systems for evacuated tube collectors
Corrugated stainless steel pipes with a high-temperature insulation material made of synthetic EPDM rubber are now state-of-the-art for connecting the solar collectors to the heat storage tank simply and reliably. However, rubber-insulated solar pipes can only be used up to a maximum temperature of 150 °C (up to 175 °C in the short term). At higher temperatures the insulation materials become brittle and lose their insulating properties. With the new DuoSolar 220 Armacell has closed this gap and now provides a twin-pipe system which is also suitable for the high operating temperatures of evacuated tube collectors.

DuoSolar 220 consists of the following components:

  • flexible, parallel corrugated, stainless steel piping, which is quick and easy to install even with small bending radii and in retrofit applications,
  • high-tech polyester insulation with a temperature resistance of 220 °C,
  • tough foil covering, which protects the system against mechanical damage and UV radiation,
  • integrated sensor cable with halogen-free, high-temperature-resistant silicon coating.

All components meet the highest quality standards and are made in Germany.

Simple assembly thanks to matching quick-fitting couplings
The feed and return pipes can be separated easily and attached to the collector and heat storage tank. No special tools are required. To ensure that tight connections can be achieved quickly, Armacell offers system accessories which are especially tailored to DuoSolar 220. With the matching quick-fitting couplings the flexible pipes can be connected to the system components of solar thermal systems in seconds – simply by tightening a nut. This allows considerable cost savings in the assembly process and eliminates the time-consuming flanging of connections. The quick-fitting couplings prevent leakages from the stainless steel pipes. The connection remains tight even after repeated assembly and dismantling.

DuoSolar 220 can be used in the temperature range -50 to 220 °C and has a thermal conductivity of λ40°C ≤ 0.037. The twin-pipes are classified as flame-resistant in accordance with the German DIN 4102 and are suitable for applications in residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as solar parks. DuoSolar 220 is available in the diameters 16, 20 and 25 mm. The system accessories include fittings and pipe clamps for connections to all standard collectors and heat storage tanks.

Solar products made by Armacell increase the service life and efficiency of solar thermal systems. They bring solar energy into the building and the high-temperature insulation materials protect the installations against energy losses. Armacell has been working in the solar sector since the early 90s and as the technology leader consistently presents new, innovative product solutions.