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ArmWin: Armacell’s professional insulation thickness calculator now also available as mobile application

Download: iOS, BlackBerry , Android

Münster, 23 July 2015. – Armacell has completely revised its technical calculation program and for the first time also provides ArmWin for use on mobile devices such as smartphones. This powerful tool can be used to carry out all the common technical calculations in refrigeration/air-conditioning and heating/plumbing applications – even on the building site, thanks to the app.

Adequate insulation thickness is crucial

The main task of low-temperature insulation is to prevent condensation. In addition to the quality of the material and workmanship, the correct insulation thickness is decisive in achieving long-term condensation control even under critical conditions. To calculate the insulation thickness it is necessary to know or define the line and ambient temperatures and the relative humidity and to determine the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of both the insulation and the object (pipe / duct etc.) to be insulated. These calculations can be made much more easily using the new ArmWin program provided by Armacell.

Many different calculation options

The program for calculating the insulation thickness needed to protect building equipment and industrial installations against heat and cold is based on software certified by the FIW Munich (one of the leading German institutes for thermal insulation). The calculations can either by made on the basis of VDI 2055-1:09.2008 or according to ISO 12241. ArmWin can be used to determine not only the minimum insulation thickness required for condensation control, but also

  • surface temperature,
  • heat flow,
  • temperature changes in flowing and stationary media,
  • freezing times for water pipes and, for the first time,
  • the most economical insulation thicknesses, i.e. those with the shortest pay-back periods.

In addition, the calculations are illustrated with graphics wherever this is helpful.

ArmWin App for the mobile office

Armacell has relaunched its calculation software and provides the free tool not only for online and offline applications, but also as an app for the first time. With the ArmWin app insulation thicknesses can now be determined on the building site. Compared to the previous version, the technical calculations can be carried out much more easily and quickly. The input required has been reduced to a minimum. New features include the possibility of entering individual data on the project in question and storing calculations as a pdf. Furthermore, ArmWin provides various interactive functions: the calculations can be mailed directly, the program is linked to product information on the Armacell website and key terms are explained in a glossary. The ArmWin app was developed for iOS, BlackBerry and Android operating systems and can be downloaded from the app stores.

(1) Fast, simple and mobile: the new ArmWin software provided by Armacell (illustration: Armacell)
(2) APPsolutely practical: with the ArmWin app insulation thicknesses can be determined on the building site (illustration: Armacell)