ArmaFlex® insulation sheets, now with printing on both sides to certify product authenticity

It was recently brought to the attention of Armacell India that at a few projects, spurious material with fake Armacell branding had been supplied, which is an attempt at wrongly using the Armacell brand name and hampering the company’s market position.

Spurious material on sites by the name of Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. and ArmaFlex® brand has been supplied wherein authenticity of the material was in doubt. To address this genuine concern, Armacell India has started to print the product brand as well as product codes on both sides of the product sheets. The size of the print is also increased so as to ensure better visibility.

Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. supplies its products through established distributor channels and believes in total transparency in its commitment towards supplying quality material to the end-customer. Armacell believes, this Sign of Authenticity will help in creating better awareness at the customer’s end with regards to authenticity of the products. In case of concerns regarding product authenticity at the job-site, or if you notice of such happening anywhere, please contact us via email: info.isa(at)