ArmaFlex products are known worldwide for its superior quality and excellent technical properties which make them superior to any thermal or acoustic insulation. Along with the insulation products, ArmaFlex product portfolio also boasts of a range of accessories which compliments the insulation in the best possible way to give a robust and seamless insulation system across the application areas.

ArmaFlex Accessories include professional tools, adhesives, tapes, UV paint and others.


1. ArmaFlex Ductseal: Developed to bond ArmaFlex sheet insulation to metal ducting. It is recommended for duct insulation, under deck & wall insulation and has an operation temperature up to +85°C. Available in 5 litres & 30 litres.

2. ArmaFlex Pipeseal: An air drying contact adhesive for joining ArmaFlex insulation material (with the exception of HT/ArmaFlex). Recommended for piping insulation, it ensures seamless strong joints, is easy to apply, quick drying and has operating temperature up to +90°C. Once it dries/cures, it helps in ensuring vapor-tight joints for the insulation. Available in can of 5 litres.

3. ArmaFlex 520: Based on modified chlorprene rubber in a blend of flammable solvents. The material has low viscosity for ease of application and quick drying characteristics. In the dry state, ArmaFlex 520 adhesive is not flammable. The adhesive is particularly suitable for joining ArmaFlex flexible elastomeric insulation and for bonding the material to clean prepared surfaces. When properly cured, the adhesive maintains the resistance to water vapour expected of ArmaFlex. Available in can of 2.5 litres.

4. ArmaFlex HT625: A one-component adhesive which has been developed to bond ArmaFlex insulation applied on high temperature lines. Especially well matched with HT/ArmaFlex, it guarantees a homogenous safe bonding at joints & seams. Available in can of 1 litres.


1. ArmaFlex tape: ArmaFlex Self-adhesive 3 mm black colour tape is recommended for insulating difficult shapes or areas not easily accessible. Available in 50 mm width & 9.14 m length.

2. Arma-Alu Tape: Arma-Alu Self-adhesive tape is specially designed for ArmaFlex Alu coating system to insulate difficult shapes and areas not easily accessible. It is suitable for securing the additional adhesive seam/butt joints of ArmaFlex Alu sheets & tubes for etter performance. Availbale in 25 mm, 50 mm & 75 mm width and 20 m length with scrim.

3. Arma-Chek GC Tape: Arm-Chek GC Self-adhesive tape is specially designed for Arma-Chek designed for Arma-Chek GC coating system is recommended for insulating difficult shapes & areas not easily accessible. Available in 50 mm width and 50 m length.

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