Armacell’s Application Team Services 448+ Project sites in 2017 and 150 sites in Q1-2018

The reliability of an insulation system is achieved not only with a product’s quality, but also depends on the expertise of the different stakeholders throughout the process. With this in mind, Armacell strongly emphasizes training courses and support to its business partners, contributing to best practice choices in both the design and installation phases of a project.

Armacell’s Exclusive Services

Besides good quality insulation and correct design, excellence in installation techniques is key for reliable long-term performance of an insulation system. Armacell offers the most comprehensive service in the industry.


·         Advice from Technical Experts

·         Application Training (onsite and at Armacell Training Center)

·         Application Installers present across India

·         Certified Installer certificates post completion of Application Training course

Armacell Application Services ensure comprehensive training programs on-site as well as at our Application Centre in Pune, to help installers, contractors and engineers gain a good understanding about the basic theory of insulation installation. The best practice methods for optimum installation ensure that the project stakeholders save money, reduce material & time wastage, help achieve professionally-finished system with reliable performance and overall less maintenance cost for the insulation system.


Armacell India’s Application Engineers are present pan-India and cover every part of the country to ensure seamless service to each and every project. Armacell Application Engineers covered a staggering 448+ sites in 2017 & 150 sites in Q1 2018 across India, to support the on-going as well as completed sites as a part of their Application support.  This support ensures complete faith in Armacell products and re-affirms Armacell’s commitment to its customers.