Armacell India 's latest products to be showcased at Acrex India, Bengaluru and Asia Pharma Expo,Dhaka.


Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. shall be expanding its presence in the Indian sub-continent in 2018 and with focus on the expansion, Armacell is participating in 2 major exhibition in India and Bangladesh viz. ACREX 2018, Bengaluru - India and Asia Pharma Expo 2018, Dhaka - Bangladesh.


Armacell India shall be showcasing its newest offerings like ArmaFlex® Alu E, Arma-Chek® Silver, color options of Arma-Chek® GC and ArmaSound® Barrier E at these events along with its existing product portfolio.

ArmaFlex® Alu E is a new offering from Armacell India which provides superior fire performance and superior aesthetics through its Alu laminated insulation system. ArmaFlex® Alu E has excellent fire resistance with Class 0 fire certification and very low thermal conductivity of λ0°C ≤ 0.035 W/(m∙K) and extremely high water vapour diffusion resistance of µ ≥ 60,000 which is unparalleled in the market.

Armacell India shall also be showcasing its aesthetically excellent Arma-Chek® Silver covering which gives excellent mechanical, UV and weather protection to the insulation. Arma-Chek® Silver has silver finish which has excellent aesthetic appearance and is easy to install, clean & maintain and extremely high water vapour diffusion resistance of µ ≥ 60,000. Its installation is not only time saving than metal jacketing but it also reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion.  Arma-Chek® Silver comes in prefabricated elbows, tees & end caps, thereby giving a complete solution to covering needs.

The updated Arma-Chek® GC with various colours would be on showcase which offers very good mechanical and UV protection and is now available in Red Blue, Green & Grey colours in addition to the existing Black colour GC cloth. Arma-Chek® GC provides an economical pre-covered ArmaFlex® system for resistance to mechanical impact along with Class 0 fire performance. The system is FM approved, resistant to UV & oil and has no risk of galvanic corrosion.

ArmaSound® Barrier E is a high performance noise barrier offered by Armacell in thickness of 2 mm, 3 mm & 4 mm variants. ArmaSound Barrier E has superior noise barrier properties and works extremely efficiently for isolating sound in areas like recording studios, theatres, amphitheaters, auditoriums, hospitals, hotels etc. With a means sound reduction (RW) of 28 dB it enhances the insertion loss performance of pipe insulation and is excellent in reducing the transmission of airborne sound.

This enhanced product portfolio on showcase at ACREX 2017 and Asia Pharma Expo 2017 shall generate great interest in the visitors and fellow exhibitors alike.

ACREX 2018, Bengaluru – India:

ACREX 2018 is being held at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre (BIEC), Bengaluru between 22nd to 24th February 2018. ACREX 2018 is expected to have more than 500 Exhibitors, more than 50,000 business visitors, 32,000 sq.m. gross area and participation of major global players from more than 25 countries. This year, Armacell India is a proud partner of ACREX 2018 and shall be showcasing unique thermal and acoustic product solutions at its stall no. A-26 in Hall no. 3A.

Asia Pharma Expo, Dhaka - Bangladesh

ASIA PHARMA EXPO 2018 is going to celebrate its 10th edition and highly successful 16 years as the growth partner of the Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry as largest most business networking platform of South Asian pharma markets. The comprehensive show features the complete range of all the segments required for pharmaceuticals industry encompassing a three – day focused event that attracts the highly potential quality visitor representing more than 25 countries. Armacell India shall be showcasing its product offerings at stall no. 215 in Hall no. 2 at Asia Pharma Expo 2018.