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Saving time and money with pre-covered insulation systems

Saving time and money with pre-covered insulation systems

Münster, 19 September 2017. – Pre-covered insulation systems allow significant time and cost savings. In its new application guides the insulation manufacturer now shows just how easy it is to install the Arma-Chek products made by Armacell. Using the flexible 2-in-1 products instead of cladding the insulation with metal jackets or PVC foils greatly reduces the fabrication and assembly effort. The free brochures in a handy format give clear step-by-step instructions for preparing and applying the pre-covered insulation systems.

Quick and easy to install

Unlike traditional insulation materials and coverings, Arma-Chek Silver and Arma-Chek D can be applied in one work step. An additional benefit of the flexible materials is that they can be installed easily, directly on site without the need for special tools. Even more time can be saved if the self-adhesive products are used. In general, Arma-Chek Silver and Arma-Chek D are just as easy to apply as the ArmaFlex tubes and sheets. But there are some differences which need to be heeded: when Arma-Chek D is installed on equipment located outdoors, the seams must always be additionally sealed with the Arma-Chek Mastic. In indoor applications, the seam is secured with a self-adhesive tape, as is also the case for Arma-Chek Silver applications. For insulating bends and T-pieces Armacell’s range includes pre-fabricated fitting covers made of ArmaFlex and the Arma-Chek Silver foil.

Coverings protect insulation against stress

Unlike open-cell insulation materials, ArmaFlex does not need a vapour barrier, i.e. it does not usually need to be covered. However, the insulation should be covered if it will be subject to high mechanical impact or if e.g. industrial equipment will be exposed to dirt, oil or chemicals or if it must be easy to clean. On outdoor installations coverings also protect the insulation against UV-radiation, weathering and the increased risk of corrosion. Traditionally, sheet metal or, in indoor applications, stucco aluminium foils or rigid plastics, such as PVC, are used. Flexible coverings offer high mechanical stability whilst still retaining a certain degree of flexibility and they are rot-resistant. Furthermore, when the lightweight products are used, it is not neces-sary to provide mounting structures, which are needed when larger objects are clad with metal jackets. Because these products have a higher coefficient of heat transfer than metals and no Parker screws penetrate the insulation during installation, they generally allow the use of thinner insulation thicknesses than metal jackets.

Tip: The free brochures can be requested from the Armacell Customer Service Centre or by email (info@armacell.com) or downloaded at www.armacell.eu.