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ArmaWin: Optimised technical calculation program with a multitude of new functions

  • Only a few clicks to the optimal insulation thickness
  • Intuitive step-by-step navigation
  • Energy-efficient and economical insulation solutions for various applications

Münster, 31 March 2023 - Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, has revamped its technical calculation program and now offers ArmaWin with an improved interface and various additional functions. With the powerful, cloud-based expert tool, all common and many new calculations can be carried out for refrigeration/air conditioning and sanitary/heating applications.

New interface, new functions and ongoing development

Highlights of the new software: Users can now, for the first time, compare up to five calculations with each other and create their own account where they can save their calculations. The energy savings of the insulated object compared to the uninsulated object are displayed as a percentage. This means that planners, tendering authorities and insulators can now easily determine the higher savings potential through a higher insulation thickness and demonstrate this to their clients. ArmaWin takes into account VDI 2055-1 and ISO 12241 as well as JIS A 9501 and GB/T 8175-2008. Soon, the new ISO 12241-2022, which provides a new approach to convective calculation, ASTM C680 and other local standards will also be incorporated. The tool can be used online or offline at the workplace or flexibly via mobile devices. Calculations can even be carried out quickly while on the move or directly on the construction site. In addition to calculations with country-specific Armacell products, the programme also allows calculations for generic insulation materials, such as mineral wool or calcium silicate in accordance with VDI 2055-1.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness calculations

"Besides calculating the minimum insulation thickness, the programme also enables you to determine the surface temperature, heat flow, temperature changes with flowing and stationary medium and the freezing time of water pipes" explains Nasim Mamedov, Technical Project Specialist at Armacell and Dr.-Ing. Elke Rieß, Manager Central Technical Marketing, Armacell EMEA, adds: "A completely new feature is the economic insulation thickness function, which offers a whole series of new calculation options. If you want to find out whether a wall thickness is the most energy-efficient or economical solution, you can now compare the effect of different insulation thicknesses. Simply add further wall thicknesses and take the additional costs into account in your calculation. You get an overview of the different investment costs, energy loss costs, annual savings, payback periods, CO2 reductions and percentage energy savings. The most economical insulation thickness is shown in the corresponding graph."

Good planning is half the battle: Choosing the right insulation material and considering its impact on the longevity and energy efficiency of the technical systems is crucial when planning a HVAC project. In this way, cost-intensive disruptions and downtimes can be avoided, and energy and operating costs as well as CO2 emissions can be reduced.