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Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit made by Armacell

Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit: now with improved technical properties, a new packaging solution and interesting additions to the range (Illustration: Armacell)

Pre-insulated pipes with low smoke density for cold applications

•    Greater safety in a fire (Euroclass CL-s1, d0)
•    Now in sustainable, space-saving TowerPack
•    New range with economical alternative

Münster, 23 March 2016 – Armacell has overhauled its range of pre-insulated copper pipes for air-conditioning applications, adapting it to the current market needs. In a fire, Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit release only a minimal amount of smoke gases and so make a significant contribution to people’s safety in buildings. The innovative packaging provides an ideal solution for the needs of both trade partners and installers. Furthermore, Armacell now also provides an economical alternative to the standard range.

Low smoke density makes all the difference in a fire

In the event of a fire it is vital that those trapped find escape routes quickly. This is only pos¬sible with minimal smoke development. Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit achieve class CL-s1, d0 in the European fire test. In a fire the pipe insulation develops significantly less smoke than traditional PE products and has been proven to contribute to people’s safety in buildings. Whereas in the past technical insulation materials were primarily assessed based on their flammability (fire classes A to F), the smoke classes (denoted by an ‘s’) allow a more realistic evaluation of the fire behaviour of the different products. Legislators in many European countries have recognized that smoke poses a much higher hazard poten¬tial than the fire itself and have tightened the requirements regarding the smoke development of building products in their building regulations.

Sustainable and space-saving: the new TowerPack

From now on Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit are supplied in new, transport- and storage-friendly packaging: the TowerPack takes up 40 % less space than traditional boxes. To ensure that the coils can be transported safely to wholesale outlets and job sites they are secured with straps and wrapped in a tough foil.

New range with economical alternative

As an economical alternative to the existing range with pipe wall thicknesses of 0.8 or 1.0 mm, Armacell has now introduced pre-insulated copper pipes with a wall thickness of 0.7 mm for inch sizes. Depending on the diameter, the pre-insulated pipes are now available in 25 and, for the first time, in 50 m long continuous rolls, further reducing scrap on the job site.

Economical, fast and reliable

Far more energy is required to provide cold than to generate heat. To ensure that the expensively-produced cold arrives where it is needed, the pipes must be protected against unnecessary energy losses. On cold pipes only closed-cell insulation materials can reliably prevent condensation and increase the energy efficiency of the equipment in the long term. The pre-insulated Tubolit Split and DuoSplit pipes have been the tried-and-tested solution for connecting the components of split and multi-split air-conditioners for many years. They prevent condensation processes and thus effectively support corrosion protection. The insulation material has low thermal conductivity and the polyolefin-copolymer covering is UV resistant.

Tubolit Split and Tubolit DuoSplit are suitable for the refrigerants R410A and R407C and fulfil the European Pressure Equipment Directive. The special advantage of the twin-pipes is the patented join-split fastening technology which allows them to be split and joined without the need for any tools.