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ArmaComfort AB and ArmaComfort AB Alu made by Armacell: High performance noise control solutions for rainwater and wastewater pipes

Controlling the noise: With the new ArmaComfort AB products Armacell offers easy-to-install solutions for optimal sound protection (Illustration: Armacell)

The sound of silence: Creating a quiet environment with ArmaComfort AB (Illustration: Armacell)

Münster, 9 May 2016. – With its ArmaComfort range Armacell provides highly effective, easy-to-install noise control products. The insulation manufacturer now presents ArmaComfort AB and ArmaComfort AB Alu especially for insulating rainwater and wastewater pipes. In comparison to traditional products, the multi-layer acoustic insulation materials achieve greater noise reduction with thinner wall thicknesses. ArmaComfort products are flexible and can be fitted even in tight spaces. 

Highly efficient noise control solutions

One of the most frequent sources of nuisance in living and working environments is noise. Sounds from wastewater pipes and internal rainwater pipes are experienced as being particularly annoying. The noise of falling water is transferred via unprotected pipes to wall and ceiling elements and from there to adjoining rooms. With ArmaComfort AB and ArmaComfort AB Alu Armacell now provides highly efficient noise control solutions specially developed for this area of application. Tests by the French certification organization Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) show that with ArmaComfort AB the airborne sound pressure level of a Geberit roof drainage system can be reduced by 16 dB (A) at 2 l/s water flow rate. On a simple PVC pipe, where the vibrations caused by flowing water are stronger because of the lighter weight, a noise reduction of 12 dB (A) was achieved. The human ear perceives a reduction of 10 dB (A) as halving the volume. In comparison to traditional acoustic insulation products, ArmaComfort AB achieves a much greater reduction in the sound level with a thinner wall thickness. The new materials have very good acoustic damping and acoustic isolation properties across the frequency range relevant for building acoustics – no matter whether they are installed on cast-iron or plastic pipes.

Low smoke density in a fire

The products display very good fire behaviour: with B-s1,d0 ArmaComfort AB Alu achieves the best fire class for organic products in the European SBI test. Furthermore, the attractive silver-coloured aluminium covering fits in well with metal-clad installations in areas where the pipes are visible. As a closed-cell insulation construction on the basis of ArmaFlex, ArmaComfort AB reliably prevents condensation on the pipes.

Flexible and robust

The new acoustic insulation materials are flexible, yet have a tougher surface than traditional ArmaFlex products. They are installed in a similar way to elastomeric insulation materials and do not require any special tools. To glue the ArmaComfort products the tried-and-tested ArmaFlex adhesives are used. In addition, the longitudinal seams are secured with the appropriate self-adhesive tapes. The thin wall thickness of the material is an advantage during the installation process because especially in these application areas space is often at a premium.

Noise control is becoming more and more important

Noise has become one of the greatest environmental problems of our times. Whether at work, in public buildings or in the home – hardly anything disturbs us as much as noise. Although the acoustic insulation on external structural elements may be good, annoying noises inside the building can greatly impair the quality of life. The consequences of deficits in the acoustic insulation are usually only noticed when the building is occupied and then they are often very expensive to remedy. It is therefore essential that noise protection measures are consistently planned and properly carried out, both when constructing new buildings and when modernizing existing ones.

Technical planners for building services and heating and plumbing firms must meet residents’ increased demands and continue to enhance their noise control solutions. Effective sound protection increases both the living comfort and the value of the property.

Tip: The new acoustic insulation materials are also presented in a video which can be viewed on YouTube and at www.armacell.eu