Armaflex® Cryogenic Systems

Armaflex® Cryogenic Systems are high‐performance thermal insulation systems
designed to meet the demands of low‐temperature environments. These multi-layered
systems (comprising of Armaflex®, Armaflex® LTD and UV‐cured GRP or
metal cladding) provide exceptional thermal performance, reduce the risk of
corrosion under insulation (CUI) and minimise the time needed for installation.

Key features

  • No contraction joints
  • No mastic vapour barriers or joint sealants required
  • Minimised risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Ease of installation with reduced use of hazardous components
  • Multi‐layered system provides exceptional thermal performance
  • For operating temperatures down to ‐180 °C
  • Low temperature flexibility