Armaprotect® 120

Armaprotect® 120 is a high-performance intumescent material that provides fire resistance for Armaflex® FRV Paircoil.

With an AS1530.4 FRL result of -/180/120, it is suitable for fire resistance of openings for service installations in the following “Common Walls” and “Fire Walls” (NCC 2016):

  1. All single storey buildings.
  2. All multi-residential buildings (classes 2 & 3) and dwellings in other buildings (Class 4), regardless of number of storeys.
  3. All Class 9 buildings (incl. aged care) regardless of number of storeys.
  4. All office buildings (Class 5), regardless of number of storeys.
  5. Shops (Class 6) and factory buildings (Class 8) up to and including 2-storeys in height.

Competitive Advantages

  • Fire-resistant solution for Armaflex® FRV Paircoil
  • FRL -/180/120 when tested to AS 1530.4-2005
  • Fast, convenient and easy-to-install
  • No need to cut away pipe insulation
  • Can be retrofitted for maintenance work