That’s the way to insulate: The new Armaflex Application Manual and videos from Armacell

Insulating professionally: The new Armaflex Application Manual (Illustration: Armacell)

Münster, 27 May 2014 – The new Armaflex Application Manual and video clips show just how easy it is to install Armaflex. Apart from providing basic advice on professional installation, the free brochure describes in clear step-by-step instruc­tions how to prepare and apply the flexible insulation material. The installation guide is supplemented by short video clips demonstrating the key techniques.


New Armaflex Application Manual in practical A5 format

The newly published brochure is now available in a handy A5 format, which is ideal for use on the building site. General tips (such as a description of proper tools and typical mistakes) are followed by instructions on how to install the material in vari­ous applications. The clear structure with the three main sections Pipes & Fittings, Ducts, Vessels and Tanks enables fast and simple access to the information needed. The applica­tion techniques are described in detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. If this advice is followed, even more complex parts can be fabricated quickly and easily. The use of the new Armacell materials, such as self-adhesive Armaflex Ultima tubes, is also included. The free guide can be requested from the Armacell Customer Service Centre or by email ( and downloaded at


Installation videos for key applications

The application guide is now supplemented by short video clips presenting the key installa­tion techniques. They are organized in the same way as the application manual and can be used either together with this or on their own. The clips were deliberately produced without explanatory texts to avoid language barriers and allow them to be used around the world. Videos are a practical way of providing installation instructions and thanks to the Internet contents can be spread simply and accessed quickly. Armacell has been using YouTube, the international video portal, for this purpose since 2011 and has set up its own video chan­nel. The new application videos and other clips from Armacell can be found at and on the Armacell channel on the YouTube platform. They are also designed for use on mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, allowing installers to check directly on the building site when questions or uncertainties arise.